Classical Pilates Serving Seattle, Mercer Island, Newcastle and Bellevue WA

The Studio

Carmela PullupPower Within Pilates is an award-winning fully equipped, Classical Authentic Pilates Studio serving clients from Seattle, Mercer Island, Newcastle and Bellevue Washington.

Each of our instructors have undergone rigorous training and are certified by the late Romana Kryzanowska, master instructor and Joseph Pilates protègèe. In addition, all of the equipment is custom built by Gratz industries, based on Joseph Pilates’ original designs.

Founded in 2004, Power Within Pilates was one of the first Pilates studios on the east side and the only “Classical, Authentic” studio in the Newcastle area.

One of the hallmarks of Power Within Pilates is its “no body bashing” policy. Carmela quickly realized that her role as the studio owner/instructor was not simply to “put her clients through their paces,” but to be a relationship coach between her clients and their bodies – to help her clients tune into their bodies and to help her clients learn to listen to their bodies. This work inspired Carmela to share her “Happy Exercise” principles – a set of guidelines she had developed to support a life-affirming relationship to exercise and her own body. After a lifetime of abusive and body-bashing workouts, Pilates was finally something Carmela – and her clients enjoyed –  something that helped them connect to and feel good in their bodies. Of course, Pilates is not the only form of Happy Exercise® – it was simply the inspiration.

Today, Power Within Pilates operates out of a private residence – with new clients accepted through personal referrals and recommendations.

PWP Award 2016

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