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Meet Carmela

CarmelaPilatesOwner/Instructor Carmela Ramaglia is a second generation classically trained authentic Pilates instructor. After more than 1000 hours of coursework, seminars and apprenticeship under the tutelage of teacher trainer Dorothee VandeWalle, she was certified by Joseph Pilates’ protégée, grand master Romana Kryzanowska.

Carmela has over a decade of teaching experience in the Pilates method and opened her studio in 2004. She picked the name Power Within Pilates because a client mentioned, “that’s how Pilates makes you feel inside.”

Carmela sees Pilates as a practical tool for helping clients discover their inner strength – both physically and metaphorically – and it is with an open and grateful heart that she shares this powerful and transformational work.

After several years of teaching Pilates, Carmela embarked on her second career as a wellness consultant. With an international audience representing more than 58 countries, Carmela is quickly becoming recognized as a leading authority in clarifying and healing the issues surrounding diet, exercise, self-esteem, body image and weight loss.


Happy Calories Don't CountCarmela is the Founder and Director of the Happy Calories Happy Exercise® Project. Her books and programs include: Happy Calories Don’t Count (neither does unhappy exercise), The New Body Mind Makeover, and Your Most Magnificent You. Through her keynote presentations, suite of home study courses, and coaching programs, Carmela helps women end the battle with their bodies and transform their relationships with food and exercise to create a body and life that they love.